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“You guys rock! I had no idea that getting a new garage door installed would be that easy. One of my friends had a tough time getting one for his house in isolated area. Now I’m gonna give him a call to visit my new garage door. I’m sure he’d love it and would go for one for his own house.” John Travola

“I loved my garage door so much that I made it the main entrance to my house. The worst day of my life was when I had no luck opening it as my garage door opener failed to do so. I searched on the internet and contacted Lake Stevens Garage Door Repair and from there my new experience started. Their repairmen visited my house, examined and then gave me a few best options according to my garage door and unbelievably the prices were too low. I chose the one they recommended and it’s more than a year now since I got their service and my garage door is rocking!”  Alex

“Trust me!! Lake Stevens Garage Door Repairis not just a door repairing company – it’s a group of highly skilled and experienced friends. Upon their repairman’s visit to my house for the repairing, they not only fixed the spring of my garage door but also told me a few priceless tips for enhancing the life of my garage door. It was truly a wonderful experience. ” Rhonda Davis

“I have never loved my house more than now after getting a brand new garage door has been placed by an extraordinary team of Lake Stevens Garage Door Repair. You guys rock as I wasn’t expecting this much high-quality service in such LOW PRICE!! I wonder are you guys really keeping your profit out of this business or working voluntarily?! (Just Saying)” Doug Damico

“I’m astounded! I really can’t describe the kind of experience I’ve had with you guys lately. I just wanted to give you an update that my friends are loving my garage door and they are impatient to get such type of doors for their own houses. Thank You!!” Christian Wenzel.

“I didn’t know that getting my garage door spring replaced would be this much easy. Your repairmen fixed my garage door such quickly and efficiently and not only that but also left some precious advices for the future use which I’m following and really it’s wonderful now!” David Michael

“I’m loving the Screw Drive Garage Door Openers as it was really affordable and your repairmen recommended me that after thorough inspection of my existing garage door. I’m happy that is requires no lubrication or maintenance. Thank you!” Jonathan Hudson